Dentagauge™ 1

Dentagauge 1 measures gaps down to 0.8 mm, implant spaces. pins, posts and all types of wires. Orthodontists will enjoy the simple push button millimetre to inches conversion, which enables wires to be read as .016 inches etc.

The symmetry of the overlapping tip design enables measurement of the width of a tooth in contact, as the tips extrapolate the point of contact. This is most accurate when measuring teeth in a relatively flat arch or in a straight line.



Dentagauge™ 2

Dentagauge 2 can be used for measuring misaligned teeth where direct measurement of the contact is possible and for anterior teeth in contact where they are lined up on a normal arch curvature. It can also be used to measure the thickness of veneers, crowns, wax buttons, wires, pins and posts etc.

In a normal arch curvature the average angle from the centre of the arch through the contact point is 17 degrees.

Dentagauge 2 has special 170 angled tips that provide compensation when measuring across the curve of the arch, reducing the possibility of a compounding error occurring as is possible with standard callipers.

When seated in the embrasure of teeth aligned on an average curve, they have the best angle to measure tooth widths accurately.



Dentagauge™ 3

Dentagauge 3 combines all the most commonly used features of Dentagauge 1 and 2 into a single gauge. It is an excellent tool that will fulfill most of the requirements needed within a basic general practice.


Lab Gauge

The Lab Gauge accurately measures copings, wall thickness, veneers, gaps etc. Special tips fit into most small crowns, such as lower incisors.


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