Designer White Advance

Professional Whitening System

DON'T let bleaching slow down your restorative program 6 weeks!

Low sensitivity offer, less dehydration and FASTER RESTORATION, significant advantages over other whitening products.

Available in 18% and 27% Patented Carbamide Peroxide equivalents as calcium peroxide.

60 minute applications DAY or NIGHT

  • Effective - up to eight shades with one Syringe
  • Very low sensitivity
  • Dual barrel technology allows the bleach/water mix to remain separated until the time of activation via the mixing tip and the additional water component creates an environrnent where there is less osmotic force on the dentine and pulp.
  • Patient Touch Up kits available



  • In a study conducted by Indiana University School of Dentistry's Oral Health Research Institute, it was found that the calcium peroxide based gel used in DESIGNER WHITE ADVANCE significantly increased the strength of teeth with incipient lesions
  • Less sensitivity than single barrel syringes because the dual barrels keep the bleach/water mix seperate until the time of use. The addition of the water diminishes the osmotic force on the dentine and the pulp.


Designer White Advance Kit:

  • 3x Syringe (5.4g ea)
  • Mixing Tips
  • Retainer Case
  • Comprehensive Patient Education Literature
  • Quick Start Instructions
  • Tray Materials
  • Dentist and Lab Instructions
  • DWA 27% or DWA 18%

Touch Up Kit:

  • Syringe (5.4g)
  • 6x Mixing Tips
  • DWAT 27% or DWAT 18%

Bulk Packs:

  • 12 or 36 x Syringes individually sealed
  • 6x Mixing Tips
  • Can be sold to the patient seperately for ongoing tooth whitening

12x Syringe Pack (5.4g ea):

  • +72 Mixing Tips
  • DWAP 27% or DWAP 18%

Designer White ADVANCE MIXING TIPS (60pk):

  • NUAT $20.00

Promotional Pack:

  • Ask for your FREE promotional pack when you order your next Designer White Advance Kit.
  • Contains an A4 Stand, 20x Booklets and Acrylic Stand

Presence of water gives less 'colour fade' due to dehydration meaning less time to wait before any restoration can begin. Old style single syringe bleaches (see graph on right) appear to take up to 6 weeks before the colour stabilises. It has been our clinical observation that this is not the case with DW Advance which takes only 1—2 weeks, vs 6 weeks as per graph.

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