Erskine Dental has a strong focus in supporting all Dental Schools, Dental Universities and Training Institutions, both at a local level, as well as internationally. This support comes in the form, but not limited to, Special Pricing, and Free Samples. There are also special occasions where Erskine Dental will provide consideration in the area of research funding.

To reinforce this commitment to the future of Dentistry, Erskine Dental will be happy to supply these items on a not for profit basis, to ensure that all Dental Students today, and the future of Dentistry tomorrow receive the best possible training Dental Materials available today to fine tune their skills.

Erskine Dental has been provided with an Award Winning recognition from the prestigious Gordon J. Christensen, Clinician Report, for its internally developed Preeben applicator brush, which was custom developed at the HQ of Erskine Dental in Brookvale, Sydney. Being able to develop and manufacturer this at a local level, allows Erskine Dental to keep our costs to a minimum, which will be passed on to all Dental Training Institutions.

Erskine Dental also import or manufacturer many high quality Dental Materials. Examples of this that Erskine Dental can support your training with are Silicone Impression Material, Bite Registration Materials, Bonding Resins, Restoratives, Applicator Brushes, Super-Dap, Clinical Protective Eyewear, Patient Education Models, Interdental Brushes, Supa-Grips, Floss Toothbrushes, Floss Threaders, Bridge Floss, Speciality Cleaning Brushes and Oral Appliance Cleaning Devices.

Erskine Dental would appreciate the opportunity to partner with your training institution. If you are interested in becoming a business partner with Erskine Dental for your school, can you please complete the form below, and our Government Specialist will be in contact within 24 hours, to discuss a customized arrangement for your specific needs.