• Cleansing - easily removes debris from the patient's face but will not tear or leave fibres behind like alternative paper products.
  • Moist and Mildly Fraqranced - purified water and a non-irritating citrus fragrance make using these towels a pleasure.
  • Hygienic - a bacteria stat has been added which ensures these towels are hygienic and have a long shelf life.
  • Appreciated - Patients really enjoy the little extra items you provide for their comfort. Use at room temperature or warm the towel (still in packet) in the microwave for a few seconds and give to the patient at the end of their treatment. They can wipe their hands and face and remove any debris. Excellent after impressions or scale and polish but appreciated by everyone.
  • Gently wipes face clean - Does not leave lint or paper residue.



Warning: Place Miniwipe in the microwave. Heat one towel (in packaging) for 5-7 seconds on high (time may vary according to your microwave). If heating more than one Miniwipe at a time - increase time by 1-2 seconds per towel

Caution: Test the towel temperature (before handing to patient) as microwave ovens can vary significantly and use caution when handling and testing warm towels

Chilled: Store towels in the fridge during the summer months for a refreshing post treatment cool down.

Storage: Keep in a cool location and use within 12-18 months

For all enquiries please email Erskine Dental: info@piksters.com