Piksters Floss and Tape

Piksters Floss

Dental Floss

Piksters waxed floss is made from an extra strong, fine multifilament UHMWPE floss which is much stronger than Nylon.

  • 30 meters

Twin Mini Floss

Contains two waxed UHMWPE dental floss packs.

  • Great size for pocket or purse or to sample to patients
  • 8 metres per pack

Piksters Tape

Dental Tape

PTFE tape is a monofilament tape that won't shred or fray during use.

  • Eliminates the problem Of an noying floss fibres caught between teeth
  • Reduces the chance of gum damage due to undue pressure being applied on insertion
  • This is the same style of tape as is used on SupaGRlPs flossers
  • 50 meters

For all enquiries please email Erskine Dental: info@piksters.com