One of the most significant advances in Dappen dishes in over 50 years

SuperDaps are a new generation of Dappen dishes which incorporate a narrow, deep well which is designed to stop bond from setting*

The narrow, deep well restricts the light from penetrating, preventing the cure of the bond. It also reduces evaporation.

One drop of bond can last for up to 24 hours. SuperDaps reduces the wastage of bond and saves money. Time is critical when dispensing bond and SuperDaps allows for unexpected delays in the restorative part of the procedure, and in the event the bond is used for longer procedures such as Ortho brackets - every drop lasts.

The additional advantage is that any standard applicator brush can stand upright in the well eliminating brush wastage and the possibility of cross contamination.

SuperDaps are free standing but also come with an Autoclavable base(1 per pack) that can be used to lock the legs into place and produces a high degree of stability.

There are four SuperDap styles because everyone has different requirements and preferences during restorations.

SuperDaps are disposable items (similar to regular Dappen dishes).

* applies to light cured bonds only

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