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X-Floss Dental Floss

A soft bulky floss with a firm nylon threader attached.



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X-FLOSS has been designed specifically for use around implants and crown and bridge work.

Is a woolly floss with a bulky, soft texture that has the ability to grab onto plaque. It is attached to a firm moisture resistant Nylon threader which feeds easily into small gaps. The floss flattens out to pull through hard to reach areas and around abutments.

  • Unique patented design

  • Firm nylon threader is easy to use, no buckling

  • Ideal for implants*, bridges, wide perio spaces + braces

*Where there is no chance of floss fibres getting caught subgingivally at the fixture/abutment or crown interface. If so use “Implant Floss”.


Brand: idontix
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