Teeth Whitening At Home Or On-The-Go

Posted by Piksters Team on 12th Oct 2023

Teeth Whitening At Home Or On-The-Go

Teeth Whitening At Home Or On-The-Go

Posted by Piksters Team on 12th Oct 2023

Whether you’re practising your Sunday self-care ritual, preparing for an important event, or getting glammed up for a night out, Tooth Toner can help you get ready anywhere, in a matter of minutes!

Consumers love Tooth Toner because we offer quick & easy teeth whitening hacks trending on TikTok, all without the expensive price tag.

Get ready in the bathroom

Experience an icy white, platinum-pearly glow, day after day with our Original Purple whitening toothpaste with blue hues. Ideal for those who are new to teeth whitening.

For an even brighter smile, try out Intense Purple whitening toothpaste with vibrant purple pigments to help neutralise yellow tones. It's just like purple shampoo but for smiles!

Both toothpastes contain natural ingredients like Xylitol, which is derived from corn, inhibits bacterial growth, and protects your teeth, with a natural mint flavour. Plus, they contain essential fluoride to fight cavities, strengthen teeth enamel and protect against acid attack and tooth decay.

Get ready on-the-go

Easily pop on our coconut oil infused Whitening Strips while commuting to your next party or event. Psst… They’re so discreet, no-one would even notice that you’re whitening your teeth.

Just wear the strips for 30 minutes to hours daily for two weeks. You can also wear them overnight as they are so thin and comfortable and will stay put thanks to anti-slip technology. Combine with our teeth whitening toothpastes for real results fast.

Get ready on the couch

Pamper yourself with our 10-minute Whitening Kit as you lean back on your couch and listen to your favourite podcast. What’s in the box? 3 whitening gel pens, 1 mouth tray, 1x blue light activator.

Blue light LED technology is combined with whitening applicator pens, to deliver easy control of gel application, keeping your gums gel-free. Our advanced formula uses a maximum strength 6% Hydrogen Peroxide to whiten teeth with minimal fuss or mess. Teeth whitening at home has never been easier!

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